New release paralysis anyone?

Anna Meredith

Soooo much good music out in the last fortnight, I just don't know where to start! You could do a lot worse with your ears than pouring some of these into them...

Richard Dawson '2020' (Domino)

If you know Richard Dawson’s work already, then I’m fairly sure you’ll be on this – I’m not sure it’s possible to experience his work, especially live, and not fall completely in love with his utterly unique perspective and sense of humour. 2020 is a brilliant consolidation of his style, both musically and lyrically. I know this is going to stand a LOT of listens before I tire of it.

The Display Team 'Spinner' EP (Opposing Forces Records)

I've made no secret of the fact that The Display Team are my favourite new discovery this year (despite the fact they've been around in Cardiacs circles for some time - my bad!) Their new EP is quite different to the last album 'Shifts' in subtle ways I'm finding it hard to put my finger on - maybe a slight softening of the in-yer-face ska-punk style, and maybe a smidgen more of the Knifeworld influence coming through (though the track Josh Perl (who plays in both bands) has penned reminds me more of The Monsoon Bassoon than Knifeworld) Anyway, it's an excellent evolution of their sound and I am determined to get them up to Buds & Spawn in 2020 so watch this space!

Hurtling 'Future from Here' (Onomatopoeia)

The response to the release of Hurtling’s debut album has been pretty impressive – come and catch them live at Buds & Spawn on Thurs 7th November.

Details hide in this album and while a first spin through will be pleasurable, it’s really getting to know it which will make you fall in love. Don’t rush, take your time with this one, it’s a keeper.” – Popoptica

A glorious woozy fuzz. Confident and in control, but when they want to, Hurtling can let rip and tear us all a new one” – The Quietus

Anna Meredith 'FIBS' (Moshi Moshi)

Anna Meredith - FIBS album coverAnna Meredith is the absolute pinnacle of cool in my eyes. She's described everywhere as a composer and she makes music like THIS!! It spans so many flipping genres, there's no point in even trying to categorise it, but it is 100% Buds & Spawn music through and through. The lead single from this album, 'Paramour', reminds me more of The Gasman than anything else, utterly bonkers and yet got playlisted on 6Music - some achievement. FIBS is out on Friday 25th October.

Ham Legion 'Paradise Park'

Ham Legion - photo (c) Ashley Jones, The Chaos EngineersHam Legion are part of the ace little community around Brixton Hill Studios (which also includes bands like black midi, Stephen Evens, Big Joanie and Hurtling) and very much part of the Cardiacs family too. 'Paradise Park' is their long awaited long player and I am very much looking forward to hearing it - out on Fri 25th October.