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    The brilliant Molly Clark, aka gannnet, was introduced to us by Brötchen when she came along to engineer their set at Cafe Totem in March 2020. It’s always encouraging to see womxn getting involved in the tech side of things and it was doubly exciting to find out that she’s also an accomplished producer and songwriter. We’re uber-excited to be hosting gannnet’s debut live performance on Sunday 21st November so we had a chat with Molly to find out what makes her tick.

    gannnetMolly, you’ve performed live with lots of other groups before now but this is the first time you’re putting your own music front and centre, how does it feel?

    Scary to be honest! I’m someone who is very comfortable being someone’s backing musician and love to support other people’s musical projects in that way, but I don’t often find myself centre stage. I’m looking forward to seeing how my songs play out live, but also hoping it goes down well with the audience.

    Tell us a bit more about the other projects you’ve been involved in, past and present – any particular highlights so far?

    The first band I played in was Lucid, which I started with my best mate Shannon when we were 16. I currently play keys with Before Breakfast and guitar for Tom Featherstone, all very different styles of music but all so fun to play in their different ways. A recent highlight was playing a support slot at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds with Before Breakfast, a personal bucket list venue of mine!

    Tell us about who’s in the band – who’ve you got and why you love them (you do love them, don’t you?)

    It’s true, I do love them. For this show I have the amazing Will Shaw on drums, Zak Michaud on bass and Abi Hall on backing vocals. They’re all incredible and I’m so grateful that they’ve agreed to be part of this project with me!

    You released your debut single ‘Vancouver’ last year followed by your debut EP ‘Greenhouse’ and we’re about to witness your debut live performance – what’s in the pipeline for the next few months?

    I took a break from songwriting for ages after finishing my EP – it completely wiped me out creatively. After we’ve worked out how to play the live shows I’m gonna try and start finishing some songs, but am desperately in need of new song topics! So far I’ve done heartbreak and climate change, so if anyone has more suggestions let me know… Shows-wise – we’re also playing at Peddler Market on 4th December.

    Which artist has been most pivotal to your development as a musician? Which track would you recommend to people as their first listen?

    Long-time obsessions with Prince and Taylor Swift have landed my music making somewhere in between the spectrum of those two. Everyone should listen to the whole of Prince’s album ‘Sign O The Times’ because it’s spectacular, but the takeaway track from that for me is The Ballad of Dorothy Parker. Bit of a strange song but great storytelling.


    Which new musical discoveries have got you most excited recently?

    Little Simz latest album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ is such a gorgeous album, I keep listening to it over and over. Combining rap and lush orchestral arrangements into a concept album? Incredible.

    If money / logistics / time travel were no object, which artist would you be telling Buds & Spawn that we MUST book?

    gannnet’s 2035 concept album-multimedia-lights-and-all-the-crazy-stuff-show-performance-project?…

    Tell us about some of your favourite ways for discovering new music.
    I’m such an unashamed sucker for BBC Radio 6, I’ve found so many brilliant artists over the years through their different DJs. Also my very cool friends who tell me about other cool music I should know.

    What tracks would make it on to the gannnet tour bus playlist?

    Child of the Parish – Thread the Needle’s Eye
    All Day Breakfast Cafe – What if Nile Rodgers and Fela Kuti Were Friends
    94 East – Just Another Sucker
    Heijira – I Don’t Belong to Anyone
    And my all time best driving song – Arcade Fire – Here Comes the Night Time

    Check out Molly’s selection on our Spotify playlist, along with recommendations and influences of the other artists on the bill on 21st November.

    gannnet joins us for our live event on Sunday 21st November 2021 from 3pm at Sidney & Matilda in Sheffield, along with ROSH and Emergence Collective.

    Tickets from budsandspawn.nuwebgroup.com

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