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Next up! VÄLVĒ + Juliana Day at Bishops House in Sheffield on Weds 22 Nov 23

About Us

For lovers of the weird and wonky, punky and proggy, choppy changey, twisty turny, off kilter, psychedelic, experimental, math / alt / art / just plain awkward. Buds & Spawn is a series of semi-irregular nights of semi-irregular music in Sheffield, curated by independent promoter, Laura Holmes.

Buds & Spawn is the expression of a life long passion for complex but melodic music. This is music that is not ‘experimental’ in the sense that it asks us to question what sorts of sonic experiences we are happy to describe as music, but in the sense that it stretches, twists and plays with some of the norms of popular music – time signatures, keys and melodies – to create music that can surprise and challenge expectations.

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