G I B L E T present Clayton 2020: The Tripedal Cat

Giblet perform Clayton 2020 photo (c) H J Nicol

On Saturday 7th March 2020 at Cafe Totem, Giblet performed the latest version of their psychedelic rock opera ‘Clayton’ to a packed house. Minds were bent, melons were twisted, reviewers brains were scrambled. Maybe one day we will be able to share some of the recorded evidence, but until then, you’ll just have to take our word for it….

// G I B L E T //

G I B L E T are a four piece ‘psychic’ rock band who mostly manifest their art in and around the city of Londinium.

About ‘Clayton 2020: The Tripedal Cat’

It is a warm summer’s day. A man finds himself walking along a path by a river. His consciousness is stratified, and his are memories partially erased.

He has been programmed for a mission: He needs to get to Laggerty Falls, liaise with the Tripedal Cat, and identify the agent from Dirkmouth Springs.

Clayton 2020 is a re-write of the Giblet’s 2016 eye opening rock opera ‘Clayton: The Search for Laggerty Falls’.

This narrated production will run to 90 minutes without interruption. It will break your mind and bend your melon. Over 18s only.

What audiences said about ‘Clayton: The Search for Laggerty Falls’

Origami for the Mind’ Jim Baxter, Academic and Frontman of legendary Ska band ‘Bison’

The best thing any of my friends have done ever …’ Justin Sheppy, Editor of ‘Daffodil Enthusiast Monthly’ Magazine and World record holder for lightweight deadlift

Funking brilliant!’ Gareth Toms, Personal Trainer for Dalai Llama and Brian Ferry

… and then I heard this music coming from the tent, and I thought, THAT’s my kinda music’ Marina Organ, DJ, Artist and opinion leader with excellent taste in music


// Brötchen //


Brötchen are a Sheffield three piece who find pop hooks in everything from the politics of brexit to shamanstic vision journeys. With melodic basslines and drone guitars they have been described as Yo La Tengo meets Talking Heads.


Saturday 7th March 2020 @ Cafe Totem, 23 Furnival Gate, Sheffield

TICKETS from https://budsspawn.nutickets.com/
£8 (£6 conc) + booking fee in advance
£10 (£8 conc) on door

Over 18s only