Captain Avery & The Cosmic Triceratops Of Intergalactic Peace

So, originally hailing from the Tarantula Helix Nebula, you guys have been stranded on Planet Earth for a few years now – how long have you been with us and what makes Sheffield such an attractive place for intergalactic sonic miscreants such as yourselves?

We crash-landed on your planet in 2017 on an intergalactic mission to bring sonic transcendence to all living beings. It was a lucky accident – we have since discovered that Sheffield is the centre of the known universe for cosmic and tropical music. We love it here! The vibrations are delicious!

Have you managed to keep your crew together during your years in exile? Who’s in the team and what mechanisms do they use to manipulate the air for the enjoyment of human ears?

Aliens like ourselves are telepathic and in constant mind-meld with one another, also communing with clairvoyant space rocks and dinosaur jazz fiends. Our crew is a joyous collective of weird hippies & eccentric punks: allow us to introduce Rico ’VoidLord’ Gonzalez (rhythm beast), Celestial Broc (star sword, vocals), Captain Jack Avery (shamanic howling, songs), Nebs (fiddle, vox), Vortex Andromeda (tenor sax, accordion), Guru MoonMan (prayer beads, sax), and three sexy low note droids – Roshan SpaceMan BassMan, Lenri SpaceMan BassMan & Christofu SpaceMan BassMan. Our destinies are entwined!

It must be doubly hard to be in exile on another planet and THEN be placed in lockdown! How have you been keeping your collective heads together? Have you got any musical offerings in the pipeline that might bring solace to the confined?

We’ve just been joined by three new aliens (or at least new to you earthlings) and so we are exploding with excitements to unleash our new sounds, post-lockdown. Our genetically modified song lab has been working overtime to produce hybrid sonic babies never yet heard in this or any other cosmos. In the meantime, take solace in the sweet music of the solar wind, which everyone can hear if they close their eyes and breathe very deeply. Live music will return! We also have a new release coming very soon called “We Are All Aliens” which we hope will unify the solar systems of the outer galaxies…

What are you most looking forward to when Planet Earth resumes operating in a somewhat ‘normal’ manner?

We can’t wait to be back in a field surrounded by ecstatic unhinged hippies once again! Ahh the organismic dervish whirl of the cosmic dance! Shambala, Sheffield, Russia, the Metagalactic Wormhole of Deep Space! All gigs are beautiful. Everything will resume!!

Which song / track / video / other morsel would you recommend as the best place to start for any humans uninitiated in the ways of the Cosmic Triceratops?

We have a new EP – ‘Apocalypso Now’ – which is a great place to begin your cosmic explorations. Check it out here…

Or for those wanting a bite-sized piece of sonic biscuit:

Fans of party skronk –

Cosmic punks –

Disco lovers –

Space shanty tiktokers –

Hippies –

Have your sonic explorations in human society revealed any interesting new music recently? What songs / videos would you choose in order to convert more human listeners to your new faves? 

There is insane and wonderful music pouring from the cracks in the pavement in this mad city. So many joyous and wild sounds… here are a few faves:

Our sexy tropical friends Mango Rescue Team are the ultimate party band and have recently released a new EP (check out this video for single Bingo –

Avant-folk beatniks Winston Macabre will fry your brain souls – 

Ohhh and we love All Girls Arson Club forever, DIY loveliness –

And of course how can we not drool over noise japesters Yo Dynamo –

And have you unearthed any hidden classics or unsung heroes that you are surprised are not better known in the human world? Do share them!

Jimmy Elderflower is an itinerant poet and folk wanderer who is probably the next Bob Dylan. He eschews the virtual world so you will have to visit Sheffield to hear his incredible barefoot music. We are also massive fans of electroduo ShaSh, whose powerpoint-infused gigs are a thing to be revered! 

A number of Earth people have created some interesting digital offerings during the last year. Have there been any lockdown performances or other art that have particularly floated your boat?

We’ve been busy defeating Donald Trump at 3D chess. The guy’s an idiot, tried to eat the board. Well played voting him out Earthlings! There have also been some excellent compilations released during lockdown from musicians recording at home – Jack and Broc both curated PROLE JAZZ ‘Now That’s What I Call Quarantine’ compilations featuring 34 Sheffield-based artists with songs written and recorded in the first lockdown. Check them out here

Finally, what would be the Cosmic Triceratops message to all the Earthlings looking down the barrel of 2021?

The Universe is an Orgasm! Start a Band! 


Captain Avery & The Cosmic Triceratops Of Intergalactic Peace join us on our live stream show on Thursday 25th February 2021 along with Perhaps Contraption. We’ll be premiering the exclusive live session they recorded with us along with live chat and opportunity to ask your burning questions!

You will need to register for a ticket in order to receive the live stream URL. This link will also let you watch it back after the show has finished.

Tickets range from FREE (for low/no-waged) to £10 (50% of these Scene Champion tickets to be donated to The Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield, the original hosts of this gig).